Upgrade to
24hr Monitoring + Free Mobile App

Upgrade to
24hr Monitoring + Free Mobile App

“We had an alarm system installed over 10 years ago but it wasn’t monitored and when the twins came along we just wanted that extra level of security for our home and our family. We’re delighted with the service”

Maura and Thomas, Cobh, Cork

“In the past our old alarm would just make noise if activated, now that we’ve upgraded to 24 hr monitoring we know have real peace of mind knowing our home is now monitored’ ”

Thomas, Adare, Co. Limerick

Upgrade Your Existing Alarm to 24hr Monitoring
  • 24 hour monitoring. 365 days a year
  • Unlimited service calls, no call out charge
  • Lifetime parts warranty
  • Hassle free and no disruption while you upgrade
  • Plus a direct link to Gardaí and Emergency Services
  • Add in wireless detectors, key fobs and monitored smoke detectors
  • Integrate CCTV to your system

What We Can Upgrade

Don’t See Your Panel?

With a Feale Security Upgrade You Have

Free App

When you upgrade to 24hr monitoring our smart phone app comes as standard. This allows you to control your home alarm system from anywhere in the world. You can activate/deactivate your house alarm remotely, get notifications when family members return home safely so even when you’re away you can control your home.

Garda Response

A Feale Security alarm has a verified break-in to alert the Gardaí or emergency services when required. Your home will be registered with your local station on the National Pulse System. Gardaí only guarantee to respond to alerts from a registered monitored alarm. Burglars are savvy to monitored alarms and know not to even approach these houses, as they have the best protection.

24hr Monitoring

Your alarm is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days through our monitoring station. With guaranteed instant response in the event of an alarm activation we’ll contact you immediately to make sure everything is okay. If someone does gain entry we’ll notify on Gardaí immediately to a break-in in progress. Your monitoring also includes a full warranty on parts, service and labour, so no hidden charges.

Upgrade to 24hr Monitoring with Irish Owned Feale Security – and Save Today

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