Switch From Phonewatch or HomeSecure
and Save Today

Switch From Phonewatch or HomeSecure
and Save Today

“When we discovered that HomeSecure was bought out by Phonewatch, which are based in Norway, we wanted to stay local and stay Irish. Also we wanted to save and Feale Security could do that for us all hassle free, delighted with the service”

Sean & Maria, Cork

“We’d been with Phonewatch and noticed our bills were getting higher and higher each year, call out charges were way over priced and then we discovered our alarm was actually only rented! The move to Feale Security made perfect sense to us, an Irish owned company with fixed pricing on our monitoring plus the team offer a full warranty, delighted we switched”

Simon & Pauline, Dooradoyle, Limerick

“Finally after all these years I moved to Feale Security, I noticed the massive savings on the first month! Only sorry I didn’t do it sooner!”

Karen, Tralee, Co. Kerry

Switch Your Monitoring From Phonewatch or HomeSecure and Start Saving
  • Did you know both Phonewatch & HomeSecure are the same company?
  • We’re cheaper than Phonewatch and HomeSecure but superior in service and customer support
  • There’s no disruption to your existing equipment and monitoring
  • We can halve your exiting premium
  • As standard, we offer 24 Hr monitoring, full parts warranty and 24/7 customer support
  • All our technicians are fully licensed and carry out all completed works to current regulations as governed by the PSA (Private Security Authority)

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From 2003 Feale Security were one of the main installation contractors in Munster for Eircom Phonewatch. In 2013 Eircom sold their business to a Norwegian multinational.

Today Feale Security offer one of the most viable alternatives to Eircom Phonewatch with 1000’s of customers availing of our services every year.

Think Irish, Support Local, Choose Feale Security

Typical Phonewatch Systems

Switch to Irish Owned Feale Security – and Save Today

By switching to Feale Security you get

Hassle Free Installation

Quick and easy switch over all with no disruption to your service.

Fixed Pricing

Changing to Feale Security is no big deal, just a great deal!
Your monitoring subscription is fixed. What you sign up for on day one will be what you pay in 5 years’ time, so no year on year price increases.

Maintenance Included

All service and maintenance calls are included as standard at no extra cost.

24hr Monitoring

We utilise only the most advanced Alarm monitoring technologies available on the market. The only change to your 24 hr monitoring will be the cost, and you’ll see the savings straight away.

Irish & Local

Feale Security is a wholly Irish owned company so when you switch you’ll be supporting both the local economy and your community and not a multi national.

Massive Savings

Today you can stop over-paying, each month you’ll save, and the next month, and the next month and each month you’re with Feale Security. Over 10 years you can have saved thousands of Euro on your home monitoring costs.


Free App

All our systems come with full mobile app control as standard. Your new app will have full remote access to your home alarm.

Visual Verification

Visual verification reduces the chances of false alarms, with our app you’ll now have access to internal and outdoor cameras within your home giving total peace of mind.

Garda Response

Your home will have a direct link to your local Garda, ambulance and fire brigade. Gardai will only respond to registered monitored home alarms so you can rest easy you are in safe hands.

Switch to Irish Owned Feale Security – and Save Today

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