Can I have a Security System that controls other features in my home?

Sep 8, 2021

Most people would agree that their home is their most valuable possession. That is why they want to protect their home, the people within it, the property surrounding it and the possessions within it. A 24-hour monitored alarm home security system can give homeowners peace of mind when they are out and about or at even at home relaxing, watching tv or in bed.

There are many features nowadays that security systems can provide, beyond just the typical alert to an intruder. Let’s take a look at some below.

Protecting you from Fire or Co2

A Feale Security Alarm System includes a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm. They are fully monitored and connected to our monitoring station and are always on, even when your security alarm system is unarmed. Should they activate we will contact the required emergency service. Plus, when paired with your internal camera you get visual verification in real time should there be a fire.


Protecting your garage or shed

As well as having your house covered, Feale Security can integrate CCTV to your system and protect your garage or shed with an extra PIR camera. We know that sheds are full of expensive items like lawnmowers and barbecues and even more expensive items like quad bikes or your cars.
Once triggered, our PIR cameras take photographs which are transmitted to our Monitoring Station and your phone to give you real time visual verification of a possible breach. You can also log into your internal PIR camera in real time.

Smart Phone App integration

Left the house and forgot to arm your alarm? No worries! Our smart phone app allows you to control your home alarm system from anywhere in the world. You can activate/deactivate your house alarm, get notifications when family members return home safely and even better still you can log into internal or external camera’s in real time.

Our advice to you is to invest in a system that can control other features of your home to keep your property protected no matter what the threat may be.

Interested in learning more about the features of home security systems we offer here at Feale Security? Contact us and talk to our customer service team about the features that would work best for you and your family.

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