Switch from Phonewatch

Why make the Switch Over from Phonewatch to Feale Security?

We can half your yearly bill while offering you a much better customer service, all with no disruption to any existing equipment, here’s how:

  • We’re cheaper than Phonewatch but superior in service and customer support
  • There’s no disruption to your existing equipment
  • We can half your exiting premium
  • As standard, we offer 24 hour monitoring and customer support
  • All our technicians are fully licensed and carry out all completed works to current regulations as governed by the PSA(Private Security authority)

By choosing Feale Security you are getting the EXACT same product but for up to half the cost, not only that, you are supporting a 100% Irish owned company and supporting local jobs in YOUR community.

Enjoy full peace of mind and the benefits of been connected to the most technology advanced 24 hr monitoring station in Ireland, all hassle free.

So call your local security team today and switch over from Phonewatch for Quality Installation, Superior Service and full peace of mind with one of the best home alarm companies in the country.


From 2003 Feale Security were one of the main installation contractors in Munster for Eircom Phonewatch. In 2013 Eircom sold their business to a Norwegian multinational.

Today Feale Security offer one of the most viable alternatives to Phonewatch with 1000’s of customers availing of our services every year.

Think Irish, think local, think Feale Security.

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